GMP  Group Ltd. was established in Izmir primarily to distribute and sale textile raw materials to domestic market in 1948.

Our commercial activities related with marketing of durable consumer goods under Prens detergent brand have begun in 1984. After the decision of passing to manufacturing goods production, dishwashing liquid detergent’s production has begun in 1991 which made it our first category of products among the further. The product range becomes richer every day so as to enhance the capabilities of the cleaning and personal care products with its contents and different designs and to meet customer expectations with different solutions in cleaning.

As GMP group has been still engaging in various fields including textile, cleaning, cosmetics, personal care products and distribution under the leadership of the third generation, our export history has begun in 2001 with Prens products which is the flagship in our group. Prens products have been manufactured with a modern understanding in the production facilities located over an area of 15.000 m2 in Torbalı since 2009. Following the technological developments in the world closely in line with its objective of being a global brand, Prens has established an electronic infrastructure allowing for monitoring any stage from manufacturing to distribution. Daily manufacturing capacity has reached to 250 tons per shift as a result of the excellence achieved through the cutting-edge technology used and ERP system applied.

The most important indicator of its quality is the positive response and acknowledgement received for long years from its customers who use Prens in their homes and offices.

Prens Detergent, today, is one of the most experienced and strong cleaning product producers in Turkey and among many in Europe and the Middle East.